Ekte Geitost – Norwegian Brown Goats Cheese

Gjetost is formed into rindless squares or cylinders, and is best when sliced wafer thin and enjoyed open-faced on Norwegian flatbread served with fresh fruit. It is no wonder children are drawn the taste of this unique, sweet-like-fudge cheese. Often enjoyed as a breakfast cheese in Norway, Gjetost also makes an excellent snack and is the perfect dessert cheese.

Country of Origin: Norway

Price: $10.49/package


Jarlsberg is a mild cow’s-milk cheese with large regular holes, that originates from Jarlsberg, Norway.

Country of Origin: Norway

Price: $13.99/lb

Ski Queen Geitost – Norwegian Brown Cheese with Blend of Cow and Sheep Milk

Gjetost, a uniquely Norwegian cheese, has a slightly sour flavor that tastes like sweet caramel with a smooth texture. This cheese can be enjoyed sliced wafer thin with coffee for breakfast and is ideal for a sweet fondue. Also contains cow’s milk and cream.

Country of Origin: Norway

Price: $9.99/package